WYBC-FM, New Haven CT, Summer 1970 Recordings

WYBC-FM audio files from 1970, created by Production Manager Robert R. Prechter

In an interview, WYBC innovator Kevin McKeown tells the history of WYBC-FM’s transformation in the late 1960s to a progressive rock station: https://open.spotify.com/show/1RE3xNW4ZEeqzr85TDOWvP

Day Glo (Bill Logan): intro, segment
Free Form (Mitch Kapor): intro, segment
New Albums
News (Don Cohen): intro, segment
Free Form
American Revolution (Craig Baskerville): intro, promo, segment
Up from Under (Ann Hill): segment
American Revolution
Soul Session with Smokey (Steve Brisker): segment
Afro Blue (jazz): segment
Diversion with Fat Albert (Bob Prechter): intro, segment

Diversion was a late-night program leaning toward the “freaky,” the rarely played and extended pieces.

Better Business Bureau

Bill Logan

Bill Logan II

Chicago II

Craig Baskerville


Cutlers II

Cutlers III

Don Cohen

Dr VooDoo in the Restaurant

Dr VooDoo Leaving the Restaurant

Fat Albert

Free Concert

Get a Job

Harvey Wallbanger

James Taylor

Mitch Kapor

Mitch Kapor II

Modern Times

Modern Times II



New Albums

New Albums II

New Albums (C)

New Albums (F)

New Albums (K)

New Albums (U)

NY Pop Concert

Persona I

Persona II

Persona III

Persona IV

Persona V

Peter Dennet

School Board Meeting

Sign Off Hendrix

Sign On

Summer of YBC

Temporary Sign Off

Unicef I

Unicef II

View from the Bottom

View from the Bottom II

View from the Bottom III

Woolbury Concert